We think cat food should be





Available in both cans and pouches

The recipes that started it all!

Featuring thick cuts of high quality proteins that your cat is guaranteed to go crazy for — Original Recipes are loaded with shreds of protein such as boneless, skinless white breast meat chicken or lean fish loins and feature delicious toppers like pumpkin or hand-placed shrimp or tuna. All fish are wild caught, dolphin safe and responsibly sourced!


Available in cans

NEW pâté dinners for your felines!

A creamy and delicious pâté that your cat will surely love! With new Soulistic pâtés we've taken the same high quality ingredients that your cat has come to love and delicately blended them into a hydrating purée. Being one of the highest moisture pâtés on the market you'll know your cat is getting the moisture they need in a delicious and creamy meal. Available in chicken only, fish only, and mixed protein options for a delicious variety. 




Available in BOTH cans & POUCHES

It's all about the gravy! With Soulistic Moist and Tender dinners you’ll get a healthy mix of deboned meat in a rich gravy. Proper hydration is important for your cat's health. Our Moist and Tender recipes will help keep them hydrated with one of the highest moisture cat foods on the market. There are six gravy-licious recipes to choose from, so try them all!


Available in POUCHES

Pumpkin, it's not just for October!

Everyone enjoys a healthy digestive system, and that goes for our furry family members too! Our Pumpkin Purée is a fantastic source of fiber to support stool quality and healthy gut motility for both cats and dogs. It’s puréed for easy mixing and only contains two ingredients; pumpkin and water! Get your pumpkin on all year round with Pumpkin Purée.




Soulistic's Variety Packs are savory, grain-free recipes of all your favorite flavors. Exceptionally moist and uniquely delicious these portion-sized packs are just the variety your feline is looking for!